Expectant moms, moms in the midst, and moms looking back, will all find solace and solidarity within the 142 pages. Mother-of-four, Rene Urbanovich, recounts the joys, challenges, and profound moments of being a mother—a collection of memoirs and poetry commemorating Motherhood that will bring tears and laughter to women during all stages of mothering. A multi-generational tome to share around the Mother’s Day table that will widen your wisdom, not your waistline.

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KCAL9 Interview on Mother’s Day

“Local voice teacher Rene Urbanovich makes it clear that the very existence of her children brings her to the core of her creative center. Likewise, the release of her latest book, “Maternallyours,” underscores the point that your children don’t have to be your last birthing experience. Its pages of poetry and journal entries (that came down a two-decade long birth canal themselves), reflect a mom’s thoughts and feelings in real time, traveling with her as she navigates the journey of motherhood. Like the concept implied by the compound spelling of the title, “Maternallyours” (is it “yours” or “ours”?), Urbanovich seeks to connect her maternal experience with that of the reader. When it comes to honesty and depth, this multi-talented, multi-tasking mom from Saugus really delivers.” -Martha Michael, Editor, Canyon Country Magazine

SCVTV Interview