Rene Urbanovich, mother of four, recounts the joys, challenges, and profound moments of being a mother—a collection of memoirs and poetry commemorating Motherhood that will bring tears and laughter to women during all stages of mothering. (..learn more!)


Silence Broken

It’s 1929 and a rebellious white eighteen-year-old Rose takes nightly to the streets of Harlem with her Negro housemaid to spite her conservative parents. When she falls helplessly in love with an up-and-coming Negro poet, she has to hide her escapades from her parents. Tension is in the air and there are no limits to how far Rose will go to spite her mother’s non-modernist views… (..learn more!)

The Creativity Conundrum

A life philosophy for living in the field of Creativity.


Six basically-true stories about love, marriage, and partnership.



Creativity Column

Rene’s contributions to local newspaper SCV Gazette centered around the worldview of creativity.



Not Quite A Crone

Musings on mid-life mothery.