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The Unifying Force Of Technology

The idea of a “global village” popularized some 60 years ago by Canadian thinker, Marshall McLuhan, has never been so true as it is today. By definition, it means the world considered as a single community linked by telecommunications. December 2019, when one distant family in our global village got sick, the other far-away members…

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SELF WORTH: Floundering or Flourishing?

reading a book

Do we need to just chill? Allow ourselves to go ahead and sleep in, to relax for once? Or do we need to take advantage of these extra hours every day and aim to create something wonderful? Or do we do both? Are there really enough hours in the day to relax and chill, then…

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Transformation, Growth And Belief

Growth And Belief

Tell a pollywog they will never have a voice and then listen as one day his ribbits reverberate out into the atmosphere. Call a caterpillar a slimy awkward ungainly creature then witness her fly on delicate wings that seem to have been painted by the gods. Stay with me, readers. There’s a decent metaphor to…

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Why Does Everyone Want To Sing?

Ruby and Rene Urbanovich

Okay, maybe not everyone, but it seems to me that droves of people wish they could sing. There are quite a few shows like America’s Got Talent that feature singers whose ratings are through the roof to support this claim. There are countless YouTube channels that feature fledgling vocal artists around the world. Using a camera phone like the megaphones of old, a singer will lift up her voice for no one, hoping to garner everyone’s attention and touch us through music and lyrics in the same way she have been touched. It’s a thing.

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Unfoldment – Creativity And Coronavirus

Creativity And Coronavirus

  UNFOLDMENT – Creativity And Coronavirus Today my grandbaby is due. My very first grandchild is expected to enter the world today. According to the doctor’s calculations and the multiple ultrasounds and the tracking of a woman’s cycle, today is the day. A glorious Friday in March, 2020. Of course, we wait the whole day…

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Twenty Plenty – Creativity In 2020

Creativity In 2020

Well, now that it’s February, a full month into 2020, I’m finally used to writing the date. It has stopped jarring me, but it took a while. It’s just that for many of my adult years, probably since I was twenty, the thought of 2020 would conjure up images of George Jetson and cities in…

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What Is A Creativist?


If you’ve dabbled in other books about Creativity, you may have noticed most teachers call the Creator of a work “a Creative.” This title seems to work well, in place of calling everyone folks, or Creative people, or artists, and then parsing out inventor, musician, writer, singer, etc.  However, when I was working on my…

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Creativity And Ritual

Creativity & Ritual

Creativity And Ritual To embrace Creativity means to embrace change. Creativity has transformative properties—and who experiences these transitions more than a female? My hips changed from narrowed ballerina to widened woman as I entered my twenties so that I could use them to carry things—good for more than just guitars and yoga mats, by the…

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Creativity And Story

Creativity & Story

Creativity And Story Once again, I spent my entire weekend working—if you can call attending performances working, that is. I wasn’t really doing anything beyond sitting, but such is the job of a voice teacher.  Last weekend I enjoyed four different shows. This is nothing new. Most singing and acting coaches dart all over town…

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Creativity And Chaos

Sparks Of Creativity And Chaos

Creativity And Chaos October was quite a chaotic month for me and my family. My daughter’s wedding was in the works so we housed over 25 guests, set up and tore down an ambitious event in wine country, cooked, cleaned, toured the Hollywood sign and visited the walk of Fame. If my neighbors were attempting…

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