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The Creativity Connection Conundrum Interview

Rene Urbanovich Author

7 Questions With Author Rene Urbanovich We sat down with Rene to discuss the launch of her new book The Creativity Connection Conundrum?, what it means to be creative and just how the creativity process has evolved in the last ten years. Rene what inspired you to write The Creativity Connection Conundrum?   My own relationship with my Creativity was so…

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Creativity Connection Conundrum – An Insight

Creativity Connection Conundrum Book Cover

Creativity C̶o̶n̶n̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶  Conundrum – An Insight Rene Urbanovich                                          As a voice teacher, I work with my students to connect our different tones in order to sound fluid. We try to connect with the material we…

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Creativity And Ritual

Creativity And Ritual To embrace Creativity means to embrace change. Creativity has transformative properties—and who experiences these transitions more than a female? My hips changed from narrowed ballerina to widened woman as I entered my twenties so that I could use them to carry things—good for more than just guitars and yoga mats, by the…

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Creativity And Transcendence

Creativity And Transcendence I love creative visualization as much as the next guy. I think it saved my life, in fact. Well, not my life, but my livelihood, at least. I had always heard about visualization; being raised in the seventies, the E.S.P. movement was pretty prominent, at least in my memory. Later, in the…

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Creativity And Story

Creativity And Story Once again, I spent my entire weekend working—if you can call attending performances working, that is. I wasn’t really doing anything beyond sitting, but such is the job of a voice teacher.  Last weekend I enjoyed four different shows. This is nothing new. Most singing and acting coaches dart all over town…

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Creativity And Emptiness

Creativity and Emptiness Going up to McGee Creek last weekend to feel the sunshine, see the stars, smell the campfire and sleep alongside the whisper of the wind did something to me. I hadn’t been camping in over eighteen years, so it’s no wonder that I was struck with childhood memories, moments wrought with emotion…

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Creativity And Community

Last month I attended “The Yellow Conference” in downtown LA where millennial female entrepreneurs got together for inspiration and motivation. I was reticent to attend, considering I was double the age of most attendees, but participated at the request of my niece Joanna, the founder of the conference. It seems that everywhere I turn, folks…

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Creativity And Chaos

Sparks Of Creativity And Chaos

Creativity And Chaos October was quite a chaotic month for me and my family. My daughter’s wedding was in the works so we housed over 25 guests, set up and tore down an ambitious event in wine country, cooked, cleaned, toured the Hollywood sign and visited the walk of Fame. If my neighbors were attempting…

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Creativity And Death

Creativity And Death Recently, my daughter Rosie and I went to visit a family member in the intensive care unit after a heart attack. We scurried through the corridors on the way to his room noting that this hospital was utterly beautiful, with spraying fountains and bright green plants; the staff was cheerful and the…

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Creativity And Festivity

Dog In Creative Halloween Costume

Creativity And Festivity Okay, the wrinkled and rancid pumpkins from Halloween are in the trash. The Thanksgiving platters are shiny clean. Another holiday is on the horizon and I’m already zapped! Since about sixteen days ago, the sun started disappearing surprisingly too early and coffee doesn’t quite do the trick.  My get up and go…

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