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Unfoldment – Creativity And Coronavirus

Creativity And Coronavirus

  UNFOLDMENT – Creativity And Coronavirus Today my grandbaby is due. My very first grandchild is expected to enter the world today. According to the doctor’s calculations and the multiple ultrasounds and the tracking of a woman’s cycle, today is the day. A glorious Friday in March, 2020. Of course, we wait the whole day…

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Twenty Plenty – Creativity In 2020

Creativity In 2020

Well, now that it’s February, a full month into 2020, I’m finally used to writing the date. It has stopped jarring me, but it took a while. It’s just that for many of my adult years, probably since I was twenty, the thought of 2020 would conjure up images of George Jetson and cities in…

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What Is A Creativist?


If you’ve dabbled in other books about Creativity, you may have noticed most teachers call the Creator of a work “a Creative.” This title seems to work well, in place of calling everyone folks, or Creative people, or artists, and then parsing out inventor, musician, writer, singer, etc.  However, when I was working on my…

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