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Well, here it is July. I’m on an ‘exclusive’ with a new prospective agent, writing a commissioned piece with a friend of a friend of a friend, working with Jimmy (my life-partner) on some research and enjoying a respite. So excited to get into the juice of creativity (my religion) and take a break from query-ing and stuff. Spent a week in Mexico on a retreat of sorts, writing, studying, researching and meditating. All stuff that I need to do.

me and gram 2012I have a pic of my grandma up for reasons that may not be obvious to others. Here she is, 92 and I know I’m right there with her. Life is so short. My grandma was a vibrant force in my life. She’s now resting in a home. I’m forever changed by her even though she’s not with me so much anymore. I always knew the day would come. Pictures of us together help me remember how short the time is. They remind me that  I can’t give up and I can’t just ‘wait.’..They also remind me to take the drive out to the desert and visit her. So it goes. This is a blog entry that marks the time between agents, mid-summer, and mid-projects. I’m mindful. I love you G-ma Fay.

That God is Love is Religion Enough

That the Divine Finger

Touches all


That God’s presence moves the corpuscles and separates neutrons from protons–

Is enough to make me Wonder–and praise the nameless Deity–

In spite of convoluted passions and

Crazy zealots’ intent on PowerandControl–

Force-feeding wretched dogma into innocent

Hungry hearts searching.
I praise the God who cried through bushes burning

Who thunders the skies

Whose saliva might indeed be made up

Of what is known

As the human race!

That I could be a part of the spit

Inside the mouth of that who spoke the galaxies

Into being

Is more than I can ask!

That they might choose to cleanse me with it

And love me

Is the unfathomable mystery

To which I bow.



famWell, here we are. It’s nearly Mother’s Day. The kids were home for the months of March and April, which meant we were having as much time together as possible. May was fast approaching and I hadn’t done the marketing/promotions like I did last year. Luckily, I have friends who believe in the project and were willing to stick out their necks for me and so, thanks to their help,  I’ll be doing a real tour this week with three spots on the news and radio. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness, because to be a writer means you are often alone in your fantasies of gaining readership and making a difference in the world. Sometimes, the disappointment is so painful that it is paralyzing–but when the momentum picks up you stop feeling so alone and your frustrations are met with hope.

My girlfriend has taken to blogging and unabashedly admits to behaving like a junior-high student hovering over the computer, waiting for the comments to appear and watching as the numbers rise after posting a blog. There is something almost palpable about touching a community of people with your writing. It sort of gives you a reason to keep writing.

Playing the marketing game with Maternallyours has been a learning experience for me and querying agents has been a trying experience. I think it’s funny that while one manuscript is being shopped by an agent to the traditional publishers, the other self-published piece is slowly developing a grassroots life of its own. Both venues take an incredible amount of patience. I’m grateful for a little orange slice in the marathon of the writing business.

It feels like we’re so busy working to pay for college, or running our kids from lessons to school to sports activities that we have no time to do anything outside of our busy lives. My new motto for the Maternallyours project is: Connecting Mothers while Helping Others.  You can join me in my celebration of motherhood and we can create  this solidarity between us that honors our essence as sister-mothers and all the proceeds go to help these orphanages. Sort of a win win.

This year, the first charity is

and the second charity is:

I am inspired by the women who head up the activities at these orphanages because they are SCV residents, who have chosen to leave behind the ‘white picket fence’ and dedicate themselves to change.

img_3454These are the Haiti kids who benefit from MY and will hopefully get to go to the museum and learn their histories!

May 6th, 2013

SCVTV  Uverse channel 99…Time Warner channel 20

Monday morning: 8:30 a.m


May 6th, 2013

KHTS live read

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MAY 13th KCAL 9

7:00 a.m MORNING SHOW MOTHER’S DAY segment

kcal 9

An Excerpt from “Sextolet”

The heat looms so thick, Addie mindlessly tries to pull it back like a drape— part the dense dry hot with her rugged hand but all she does is wave the molecules and fire ‘em up hotter—even hotter. There’s no wind today to sweep through the house—no wind to push into her window and sing so as to remind her that even though they are in the middle of nowhere, they are not alone.joshua tree for blog

Oh, welcome the wind even though it blows dust all over her rug. Dust under her rug and dust over her rug. Dust on her hands and dust between all forty toes that press …dust from the endless Mojave, mother of all destitution. When wind blows, a mother stops her humming.  Wind sends its own song, it does. The way it comes in and rattles things. The joshuas don’t feel the need to move. They stand there all day; they never tire. The wind ignores the likes of the joshuas.  Not so much as a branch waving or bristle rustling. Addie’s curtains wave. They wave in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Only two rooms with sheers. She likes when they wave, friendly most of the time, only sometimes is it treacherous. She boards up the bedroom window on those nights. How can the babies sleep in that much wind? Even a tent would be better than this old adobe without shutters during the treacherous winds.